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You're Not Alone – That's The Problem

Now more than ever, your priority is making how you coordinate with others faster, cheaper, and safer. 

Sharing information is essential for collaboration, but you can't always share sensitive data.

It's a problem. If it's your problem, make it our problem to solve – together.

Executive Leadership With A Track Record in Startups, Government, and the Enterprise.

"Managing complex relationships between legally separate entities is one of the great challenges of today. We've been working on innovative ways to meet that challenge for decades." – John Wolpert

We Need To Share
But We Can't Share

In 2001, Nick Donofrio, then SVP of IBM Technology, posed this conundrum:

We spend billions in research, but many billions more are being spent by others. If we all knew everything about each other's work, who knows what we might discover together? But...even though we can share some open source work, there's a lot more we can't share.

This problem became a career's challenge. After spending many millions running dozens of experiments all over the world – with enterprises, governments, startups and venture capitalists – the result is a clear set of insights, practices and technologies to help legally-separate entities reduce costs, increase customer value, and innovate together...without having to risk information leaks, misappropriation and misalignment.


TacitPath is your resource for planning and launching your next joint endeavor.  

The TacitPath


Artificial Intelligence


Zero Knowledge Proofs


Zero Trust


Intention Analytics


Momentum Thinking

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