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TacitPath Essentials

Here are links to just a few key articles worth reading to understand the
TacitPath point of view.

TacitPath is a Community

TacitPath is assembling a team of experts, service providers, tools vendors and partners to deliver what clients need to imagine, design, build and manage multiparty applications, solutions and consortia. If you would like to join us on the TacitPath:

John Wolpert


I’m a veteran tech industry executive who co-founded IBM BlockchainHyperledger Foundation, the zero-knowledge standards body, Baseline Protocol, the ride hailing company, Flywheel, and the international life science research consortium, IXC.

I received an MBA from Georgetown University, a BA from UC Berkeley, and have been a guest lecturer focused on technology and entrepreneurship at universities such as Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA and University of New South Wales.

Find my writing on innovation and emerging technology in
Forbes       Harvard Business Review.

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